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 MapleStory begins a special collaboration event with Re:ZERO, running now through June 7. The crossover includes daily quests with Emilia.

Other key features of the MapleStory X Re:ZERO crossover include:

  • Return by Death: Just like Subaru’s notable power in the anime, players who make a wrong choice in Emilia’s daily quests will die and have to start over from Day 1. Any Mapler who successfully completes all the daily quests can restart Emilia’s quests for additional gift boxes.
  • “Re:Boot” World Bonuses: The MapleStory X Re:ZERO crossover is also the best time to create a new character in Reboot world, a world introduced in the 2015 Reboot update that brings MapleStory back to its roots as a hardcore RPG with stronger enemies and grander rewards. Players who create a new character in Reboot world will be awarded with an exclusive totem themed after Emilia’s Insignia, millions of mesos and a number of useful items upon reaching specific levels.
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