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MapleStory – Legacy of Nine Update Spotlight

Maplestory introduces massive skill overhauls, a new zombie event, the soul weapon system, and plenty more to be discovered.


Use the new Soul Weapon system to convert regular Lv. 75+ weapons into Soul Weapons. Fight bosses to gain Soul Shards, which you can use to fuse a boss’s soul into your weapon. Each soul grants a different skill to your weapon. You can only have one soul fused to your weapon at a time, but it can be removed or replaced. When you hunt monsters with your Soul Weapon, it charges the Soul Gauge; once it’s full you can use your weapon’s special skill.

Enter the Murgoth Dungeon (Lv. 75+) during the event time and hunt for Soul Shards in 1v1 or 3v3 Party Mode. The dungeon’s monsters represent the five main classes of MapleStory, and the amount of damage you inflict upon them is dependent on your class. Clear the room and open the treasure box, which can give you Soul Shards or helpful items.

Maplers have been building communities through the Guild System for years, and now it’s time to make guilds even better. With the new, streamlined Guild UI, you can search for existing guilds, request membership or create your own. In addition, the max Guild level has been increased from 10 to 25, and there are now even more ways to collect Guild Contribution Points. Several new Guild Skills have been added, including Noblesse skills only accessed by participating in the new Flag Race event.

Players Lv. 110+ can use the El Nath taxi to journey to Lion King’s Castle. Once there, visit the Rose Garden, now blanketed by a mysterious blizzard, and eliminate the monsters that prowl there. Complete quests and daily jobs to earn Ifia’s Jewelry Set.

Several character classes have received various skill rebalances, including Mihile, Mechanic, Bow Master, Demon Avenger, Wild Hunter, Demon Slayer, Mercedes, Kaiser, Evan and Kanna.

Some changes are coming to the Cash Shop-just one of the many ways we’re giving thanks to loyal players like you. Pets and pet equips are being updated, allowing your pets to learn permanent skills. Electronic Hearts and some other items are being moved from the Cash Shop to NPC shops, where they’ll be available for purchase with mesos. Best of all, a new cubing device, the Hermes Cube, is being made available exclusively outside of the Cash Shop through an upcoming event for equipment Lv.99 and below. This is only the beginning of the many changes we have in store for the Cash Shop, so stay tuned.

The zombies have risen! STAR Zombies and Howlers are on the loose, and monsters have a chance to drop contaminated mesos. If you pick them up you will become infected – eventually becoming a zombie! As you succumb to the virus and undergo its various stages, you will gain different stat boosts. Not a fan of being undead? Track down the vaccine and use it to cure yourself. Depending on which path you choose, you’ll receive a different zombie-themed Android.

The Anniversary fun never ends! The 9th Anniversary Coin Shop is being updated with new items, and will also be extended through June 24. Enjoy even more events, such as The Great Pipsqueak Zakum, where you compete against the titular baddie in an intense Rock-Paper-Scissors battle for awesome prizes like the White Mage Snowfield Mount. Take part in the Get Your Own Mustache attendance event to earn a daily mustache for your character.

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