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Mankind Reborn Announces Development Update #14

Mankind Reborn‘s latest development update was announced, and with it comes a fair amount of news. A week or so ago they began to interview people to fill faction leadership positions in game. Information on who fills these positions and more can be found in the link below. They are still experimenting with faction-mechanics, and are looking to potentially build a groundwork in terms of leadership for when the game goes live. Due to a shortage of time, some mechanics had to be rescheduled, in lieu of stability and playability.

There have also been plenty of optimizations and AI-tweaks in recent weeks. They are also hoping to have a testing session during GDC (March 18-22nd, 2019) and if all goes well, testing could happen a week earlier, but a safe bet is GDC. This date is not set in stone, however.  Once GDC is over, they will resume work on character customization and social aspects of Mankind Reborn. They also teased a playtesting session, seen above, where they do battle with Assault Drones and Berserker Drones. The Mankind Reborn team also tease a new level, which is Space Station One, and it acts as an important hub from Earth. Global Servers are now also active, and all data is fully persistent. What this means is that players are able to log on and off, and have their data stored on the server for when they come back.

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