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Magic: the Gathering Arena Embraces Full Standard Format in June Update

As Wizards of the Coast works towards the launch of Magic: the Gathering Arena, hardcore players and enthusiasts alike can rejoice, as the full dynamic Standard Format, will be playable in MTG: Arena as of the June 7th update. The current standard block is the Ixalan Block (Rivals of Ixalan, Ixalan), Amonkhet Block (Hour of Devastation, Amonkhet) and the Kaledesh Block (Aether Revolt, Kaladesh). Starting on June 7th, cards from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt blocks, alongside the 2017 Welcome Decks will be added to Magic: the Gathering Arena. To fully realize this goal, the appropriate cards that are banned in Standard will also be banned in-game. A list of Standard Bans can be found here. To celebrate this update, players will receive the following:

·         Two of every Kaledesh / Aether Revolt common & uncommon card

·         One of each rare and mythic rare

·         Four of 15 pre-selected cards from both card sets

This update will also make Quick Draft available at all times, with the set being drafted to change weekly. Best-of-3 events will also be introduced (Competitive Constructed/Draft), and a Welcome Bundle will be made available in the store. For 5 dollars, players will receive card packs and gems to use. Updates will also be made to the matchmaking system – there will be a reset so everyone will start from scratch. From there, people will go into placement matches to determine their initial MMR and their rank badge is tied to their MMR

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