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The Maestros Gets Set to Launch in Early October

Systence Games are proud to announce that their flagship action-strategy title, The Maestros will be going live on October 3rd. Systence will also be hosting a weekend-long open beta from September 28th through September 30th to give players a sneak peek, and host one final stress test of the servers. Any player who wishes to play can request a key in the link below. The servers will be open at 5 pm PT (September 28th) and close at 5 pm PT (September 30th). This team vs. team actin-strategy arena title is almost here, and has everything from transforming cute animals to robot minions. Pick a commander, and beat up the monsters to build a squad, then mutate them into a walking wombo combo of violence your foes won’t forget.

The story of The Maestros pits the dieselpunk Knights of Teutonia against the Alchemists of Regalis across several maps with varied objectives, AI-controlled enemies and bosses on the field waiting to be conquered. The game combines what’s best in top-down strategy with the exciting pace of a competitive shooter. Both kingdoms are chasing the rare resource Arkanium to fuel war efforts and bring glory to their people. The game will be available on Steam for the price of $12.99 USD, at a discount during the launch week for just $9.74.

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