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Luminary Rise of the Goonzu Gameplay – First Look HD

To Learn More About the Game Check out our Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu Page.

Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu, called Luminary or just plain ol’ Goonzu for short, is a 2D Fantasy MMORPG published by Ndoors (The same people that made Atlantica Online). Although Luminary’s graphics and gameplay mechanics aren’t too modern the game has an enormous amount of content. The game’s crafting system is ridiculously in depth and the game places a huge emphasis on a player run economy. Every single ‘drop’ from a monster is used for something. There is no ‘vendor loot’. The game also has a unique ‘political’ system where players can actually control towns and even the entire server. In the video above I created a character and ran around for a bit and died a few times in the process. Mainly because I wasn’t paying too much attention to what I was attacking. To learn more about Luminary check out the official MMOHuts Luminary page which includes a detailed review, tons of screenshots, and additional videos.

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