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Livelock – PAX South 2016 Dev Interview + Gameplay

BakermanBrad checks out a newly announced title by Perfect World Entertainment called Livelock! Not at all what we expected, its better!
We’re all used to Perfect World Entertainment as a publisher of free to play MMOs here in the West, but it isn’t all the company is good for.
Livelock will be Tuque’s first published game, and is a top down action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. All life has been annihilated on Earth, but three humans have survived through an upload of their consciousness. Now, those three humans are being redeployed through linking their consciousness to human-like war machines in order to uncover what has happened to the world and perhaps reclaim a new hope for humanity. The first of these characters is Hex, the game’s marksman. He relies on powerful ranged weapons and actively mobile skills to fight enemies. The second and third characters have yet to be revealed, but will include a melee-type and support-type character.
Read more about the game at our PAX South write up here:

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