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Lineage 2: Revolution Celebrates 100 Day Milestone With Special In-Game Event

Lineage 2: Revolution is celebrating 100 days of activity by hosting some in-game events and updates to thank their audience.  The following infographic highlights their achievements over the past 100 days, such as “10,000,000 characters created”, “160,185 clans created”, “630,000 Bear Mounts rewarded”, and “179,585,426 hours played”. A huge patch drops adding a new mount, the “Maned Lion” which is available from the Summoning CIrcle or for purchase via in-game shop. As the second rare mount in the game, it has a speed of 750 and increases Crit. Rate, Penetration, Resilience, HP Regen and Max MP.

From now until 8:00 GMT, March 14, Lineage 2: Revolution will host two in-game events rewarding players for their continued support for the past 100 days. The Dice Event offers players to roll the dice, and move and land on various squares that offer special rewards such as A Grade Mount Pet Equipment Boxes, A Grade Mount Pet Varnish Random Boxes, Summoning Circle Fragment Boxes and more. Players can roll the dice twice a day upon log-in and by completing in-game content, players will receive Dice Points where every 100 Dice Points will give players one more chance to roll the dice again. Players can also obtain Lap Completion Rewards by completing a lap up to 15 times.

There is also the Equipment Substat Change Event, where players receive 200  Red Diamonds just by changing their Equipment Substat. Players who participate and succeed at least once will receive the 200 Red Diamonds in their mailbox by March 21. “We are so proud to have reached this monumental point with our loyal and beloved Lineage 2: Revolution community, and we want to thank our players for an amazing 100 days. To many more milestones to come!” said Netmarble’s Chief Global Officer, Seungwon Lee.

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