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LifeAfter is a Mobile Zombie Survival MMO Launched by NetEase

NetEase announced today that the North American and Australian releases for their zombie survival MMORPG, LifeAfter. LifeAfter combines classic MMORPG control with gun-toting, crafting on the fly, and zombie survival. It released in China last year to acclaim from the mobile gaming community, and is set in a post-virus ravaged world.  Order has crumbled and factions have risen to fight each other and the infected that have overrun everything. Resources are scarce, so people fight each other as much as the zombie menace.

Players hunt, gather, build, craft, and farm to survive, then thrive as allies are made and foes are fended off. With its realistic graphical art style, players are immersed in what life is like after the world has ended – journeying across desolate deserts and to dilapidated cities. The bright lights of survivor camp, Hope 101, offer solace but players cannot be distracted on their quest for life after.

LifeAfter Features: 

  • Hunt and gather to survive, tend to their wounds and heal themselves to keep going.
  • Establish a home base to operate from during doomsday, updating and expanding it as they level up.
  • Uplevel to unlock new adventures and game modes.
  • Team up and cooperate with others to meet common goals, research and develop new technologies to take on boss fights.
  • Operate an outpost to recruit other survivors to the cause.
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