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Legends of Aria Details Their Karma System

The Legends of Aria team discuss today one of the key features that make it stand out from the other “Quest Hub” MMORPGs. Leading up to their release in December, today’s showcase is the Karma System. Their ultimate goal is to make sure Legends of Aria isn’t another “FFA PVP gankbox”, but a living, breathing world where people can do as they please, as long as they’re willing to face the consequences. Instead of using a grey ‘criminal’ system, where the character who commits a crime receives a punishment worthy of it, instead, they chose this Karma system. Too often, players abuse this grey system to lure innocent players out and murder them and loot them, making the game unenjoyable for many. Instead, those type of players will receive a permanent alignment adjustment, redeemable only by the act of gaining Karma. This forces players to embrace that riskier gameplay style, which should prevent the game into a chaotic gankfest. In a recent blog post, they said the following:

“The beauty of this system is that each of three alignments have unique qualities about them that make them more than just a colored name. Choose to be Innocent and enjoy full protection from aggression inside the protected lands, choose to be Chaotic if you wish to engage in player vs player conflict anywhere outside towns, and choose Outcast if you are prepared to surrender many freedoms and be hunted everywhere you go.”

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