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Legend of Ace is Now Available on Mobile Devices

FunCube Technology Limited announced the worlds first MOBA + TCG mobile game is now live – Legend of Ace. Players collect and combine TCG-style cards to customize their heroes, and features 5v5 MOBA-style gameplay. Their goal is a fast and fair eSports experience, where players choose their hero’s attribution cards before each battle and that combo cannot be changed once the match begins. There are hundreds of cards in the game to create endless possibilities¬†in game.

In classic 5v5 MOBA style, players select a favorite legendary hero and compete on beautifully rendered maps battling hordes of enemy player heroes, as well as myriad unique and special monsters, to ascend the ranking charts, achieve glory, and earn awesome prizes. There is no purchase of items in the game, so the player only needs to focus on the match itself, and with 5 to 10 minute battles, the past is fast hopes to be truly fair play. Players who accomplish specific goals in each game unlock achievements and other rewards.

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