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League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury Launches

Press Release

YOOZOO Games today launched its revolutionary new 3D MMOARPG, League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury. Seven years after the original LOA debuted, Heaven’s Fury takes the series to a new level, with spectacular graphics and stunning real-time combat.

Within this new instalment, players once again find themselves in a fantastical world amidst a conflict of both epic — and very much mythical — proportions. The gods have fallen from grace and, perilously, into the immoral hold of Pandora’s Box. Taking on the role of the chosen one, you must gather the legendary Angels and save the heavens from purgatory.

Throughout this heroic journey, players will discover an abundance of features centred around all-new, innovative PvE and PvP modes; offering a considerably richer experience for League of Angels fans; brought to life with stunning visuals, comfortably the best of the series so far.

The traditional story mode offers a robust and divergent storyline. It places you on the frontline of the battle for the heavens. You’ll choose from three legendary heroes: the mighty Dragoon, the enigmatic Mage, or the deadly Archer; each one offering their own unique skill-sets and play-styles. Whichever hero you choose in your quest, you can add to your armoury and strength with angels, mounts, spirit and all manner of useful equipment. After all, if you’re going to defeat eternal darkness, restoring peace and all that is good to this world, you’re likely to need a helping hand.

Players will be able to join in the battle on GTarcade and will have the chance to battle players from all over the world. With the game available in most international languages and offering chat rooms with integrated translation, players can make friends and build an international alliance across the game’s global launch!

Servers are online in nearly every continent, the stage is set for a global battle. What are you waiting for? Come join the fight in League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury!

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