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Langrisser Mobile Arrives and the Holy Sword Calls Out

Langrisser Mobile hearkens back to the iconic JRPG series of the 90s of the same name and brings the franchise to life again. Langrisser Mobile will combine strategy and RPG gameplay, with their innovative class transfer system, soldier system, and battle effects. Players can download the title on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The original title consisted of five entries across the Genesis, SNES, and Sega Saturn. This mobile game preserves the legacy of the original, but also adds new features for a modern audience. For example, Langrisser is one of the first adopters of real-time PVP in the tactical turn-based combat genre. Additionally, this the game has a built-in character relationship algorithm which, combined with the delicate Japanese art style, enhances the game experience.

Langrisser stays faithful to the essence of the original gameplay with class suppression, terrain effects, and unique class trees for a customizable battle experience. Meanwhile, the mobile version elevates the appearance of the game with an exquisite Japanese art style, top voice casting, and an unforgettable score by original series composer Noriyuki Iwadare, all combining to create an epic fantasy world.

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