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Langrisser Mobile Announces Release Date in January

One of the legendary strategy JRPG franchises is returning, this time to mobile, in January 2019. On January 22nd, Langrisser Mobile hits iOS and Google Play, with Pre-Registration currently open. Interested parties can click the link below to pre-register on their official site, or on the App Store / Google Play Store. Known for sharp, tactical gameplay, Langrisser Mobile will keep that rich tradition alive, with terrain effects, unique class trees, and class suppression. Noriyuki Iwadare scored the game to help create an epic, unforgettable fantasy world. The lives of those in El Sallia need you, so heed the call of the Sword.

Developed by Japan’s Masaya Games, the Langrisser series debuted in 1991 and has long been regarded as a titan of tactical turn-based combat. With a story spanning five generations of games, Langrisser introduced the soldier system and class transfer to the genre, as well as wowing players with stunning battle effects that were very much ahead of their time.

Game Features:
  • Unit types against theory, terrain elements and strategy planning are critical to success
  • Perfectly re-experience over 300 classic levels
  • Original Langrisser class transfer system with over 80 heroes for an almost infinite number of battle combinations.
  • Popular characters of the original series return
  • Original PVP battle system
  • Original score by composer Noriyuki Iwadare
  • Classic background music of past series
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