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Langrisser Launches First Major Update Today

Though Langrisser just recently arrived on mobile devices, the first major update arrives today, called “The Twin Princesses of Caconsis”. With this update, Shelfaniel and Angelina arrive in El Sallia to meet the other heroes in this latest Langrisser offering. The update updates the character designs of these princesses, originally from Langrisser IV, and are equipped with greatly enhanced abilities and skill effects. This is especially apparent when paired together in battle.

Shelfaniel (Mage) and Angelina (Flier) are the pride of the Caconsis Kingdom, their duality forming a perfect union of tenderness and force, ranged and melee attacks, and power and intellect. Anime fans will also be pleased to hear that Shelfaniel and Angelina are voiced by famous Japanese voice actresses Yuri Amami and Shiraki Nao. In addition to these new characters, A new storyline arrives with them, where a nation falls, betrayal occurs, and much more.  Guild Wars also comes with this update, to let players bring their guild to bear against opposing guilds. Players can also look forward to classic levels from Langrisser III appearing in Time Rift, and plenty of character skins.

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