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KurtzPel Introduces Guilds and More In Latest Update

The latest update hit KurtzPel today, and with it comes several fun new features. In this update, the Synthesis System makes its debut as a new crafting system. Players can use Hildad’s Cube to synthesize new items and extract materials from existing items. These resources can be acquired through PVE missions, as well as PVP. Hildad’s Cube will also let players craft invisible accessories, so players can create the look they desire without sacrificing stats to do so.

The first phase of the Guild System has been implemented; guilds have been requested by players since day one and are now ready to be created. Create a guild with up to 50 members and begin accruing Guild Ability Points today. In addition, a new 6-player PVE mission makes its debut, “Blazing Blades of Calamity”.¬†Players must work together as a team to pass four phases to successfully defeat the Blazing Blade of Calamity. A new DLC of gear is available too, the “Battlesuit Outfit Set”. The full patch notes are below.

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