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KurtzPel – Fallen Light Trailer

KurtzPel launches a new karma (weapon): Fallen Light. A magic cannon, Fallen Light is a long-range Karma that is aim-based with no auto-targeting assistance, and can use its “Magic Bullet” resource to enhance its skills and attacks.

Alongside the new Karma, there are a host of changes, including:

  • Reduced CP costs for Dual Soul and Sacred Guardian Karma
  • Max growth of Karma increased from three to five
  • A new Karma UI where players can learn skills from
  • PvP Season 2:
    • Certain modes cannot be selected when matchmaking, but players can change their weapon and skills before the match starts
    • Players will receive rewards based on their highest achieved ranking, not final ranking
    • Reduced points when losing a match
    • Reduced number of stages to rank up (down to 3)
    • PvP missions sorted into Duel Mission and Challenge Missions
    • New, larger 5v5 maps (two Deathmatch and one Conquest)
  • PvE now sorted into three modes: Patrol (3 versus a random monster), Annihilation (4 versus multiple random monsters), and Raid (six versus a boss)
  • New Season Pass added to the Season Level system
  • Essences removed and replaced with the new Magic Stones
    • New items including:
    • Magic Stone allows players to apply stats to Weapon and Costumes
    • Settia Costume (Invisible Costume) for Shirt and Pants
    • Character Name Change Ticket
    • Character Appearance Change Ticket
    • Basic Motion Change Item
  • New inventory and UI, mailbox system, mission currency, and more

More details are at the link below.

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