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King’s Road – First Look

King’s Road – First Look

King’s Road is an adventure dungeon crawler from Rumble Entertainment that plays right in your browser and straight out of Facebook ( plus you can use a Rumble account). This game runs off of Stage 3D API from Adobe flash player to deliver clean visuals and excellent animations. This game is full of epic loot that you get early in the game and often, social functions built right into the game making it easy to join up with friends (and trust me after level 8 or so you’ll need help from friends), and bosses that seem to get bigger and bigger each encounter you have. ¬†As of now the game is still in beta and there is plenty of room to add more features like additional classes etc. but its still impressive as is.

You can check out the game for yourself by picking up a beta key at the giveaway section or by clicking HERE

*Note: be sure to copy the link the giveaway provides and paste it into your browser*

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