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Kingdom Under Fire II Reveals Spellsword Character Class

Kingdom Under Fire II is finally coming to the west, and to prepare us for the launch, a pair of teasers were dropped today. Today the Spellsword was announced, who is a master of ice and lightning magic. The Spellsword is a relative to the Dark Elves and combines magical runes to create new attacks or to heal herself. This is to compensate for a low health pool, but on the field of battle, she’s fast and deadly.

She was the fruit of a forbidden experiment that harnessed the power of the gods themselves to combine the blood of the Ancient Elves and the present-day Dark Elves. After barely escaping the appalling research, a Dark Elf with fair skin meandered through the world to live cast out from both the Elves’ and the Dark Elves’ societies. Finding refuge with the Azilia Knights, she is one of the five classes playable in Kingdom Under Fire II: Berserker, Elementalist, Gunslinger, Ranger, and Spellsword.

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