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Kingdom Under Fire 2 Reveals Gunslinger Class

The Windows PC release of Kingdom Under Fire II continues to ramp up, with another character class reveal. Today they show off the Gunslinger, which is a versatile human ready to bring doom to his foes. The Gunslinger switches between a sword and two pistols, with a devastating array of combo attacks. These can target individual foes, or dole out mighty area of effect damage instead. The Gunslinger’s ammo is a valuable resource though but can be replenished through sword combos.

Mistrusted for the simple crime of hailing from Brimstone, a village of refugees, the Gunslinger deliberately ordered a suicidal mission during which his troops were overwhelmed and his men slaughtered. All requests for leniency were ignored, and they were expelled from the army. The Gunslinger wishes to redeem himself and avenge the deaths of his men, and as such as found refuge in Azilia. Now, as one of the Azilia Knights, he’s become a mercenary.

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