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Juggernaut Wars 2.0 is coming on November 21, bringing two new PvP additions: clan PvP and one-on-one real time dueling!

Global publisher is proud to announce Update 2.0, available for players on November 21 for the mobile hit – Juggernaut Wars. The developers have taken requests from the community for interesting new modes for clans to rival each other for greater rewards and one-on-one synchronous PvP battles. The update will release simultaneously for all Android and iOS device users of Juggernaut Wars.

Clan PvP mode will grant excellent rewards for the top clans, but it will also require a high level of coordination between clan leaders and their members. Divided by phases of attack and defense, this PvP mode tests all of its clan mates to the maximum. The challenge is to bolster a decent defense and still have the strengths to attack their rivals with the remaining heroes. Players can start preparations for the Clan wars now, since there will be no room for a weak link within the ranks if a Clan wants to claim the top position and reap its rewards.

New one-on-one synchronous PvP will have players battle each other in real-time. Players will enter a tactical standoff even before the actual battle starts in which heroes get selected for each team, one after another. Both players can see each other’s hero choices so the goal here is to pick the best fighters for the situation. Choose correct counters for the enemy team and save your secret weapon until the end. This requires advanced knowledge of the hero roster and all of their abilities to think one-step ahead of the opponent.

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