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Ironsight Launches Front-Line Mode In Latest Update

gamigo announced that Ironsight is now playable in four additional languages, as of today. Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish were added for players seeking to battle for the last resources on Earth. This update also brought a new combat drone, Spectator mode, weapon upgrades, a new map, and the new Front-Line Mode. The goal of the Front-Line mode is that players must defend or seize a tactically important point on the map, and it will take place on the new Downtown map in 10 vs. 10 battles. The new Hydra tactical drone opens fire at any enemy within a 180 degree radius, and when placed at strategically important locations it can create a terrifying blockade. Nonetheless, the Hydra is prone to EMP damage, for instance, from the new EMP MSGL,
an EMP grenade launcher.

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