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Iron Throne Begins Celebration of Their First Anniversary

Iron Throne, Netmarble’s immersive strategy mobile MMO is proudly celebrating their first anniversary. With this comes a new update for players to delve into, and one of the features is that players will have more opportunities to flaunt their strength. This update adds Dimensional Battle, which is an RTS mode where Lords can involve themselves directly on a battlefield. This update also improves the existing Player vs. Everyone (PVE) content by adding a real-time duel system that lets Lords use advanced tactical placement of their troops, add special soldiers (Ogres, Death Knights, and Dragons), and use powerful new Hero Skills.

The new update also gives player Heroes the potential to become even stronger with the introduction of Iron Throne’s ‘Skill Growth’ system. Layered on top of the current equipment-oriented growth system, Lords can strengthen the personality and strategy of their favorite heroes by adding new Hero Skills – all of which can be further enhanced with the new Skill Enhancement system also introduced in the anniversary update.

To complement these new features, Iron Throne’s anticipated fourth season of Town ModeIron Throne‘s story mode, is now available for players to experience and earn epic rewards. Upon completion of Season 4, players can earn the following rewards:

  • New Hero – Players now can unlock the Viking-inspired Hero from Nordenth…the mysterious sorcerer Hakkon. The new hero is one of the leading characters of Town Mode’s fourth season and can be recruited once players complete Epic Quest of third season.
  • New Equipment Set – In addition to Hakkon, players will earn the Viking-inspired Helga Set to equip to their heroes. The new set of equipment adds additional capability of gathering resources to heroes.
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