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Idle Odyssey Launches on Google Play Today

A new Idle RPG is now live on Google Play from 37Games, known as Idle Odyssey. It is a mystic world of gods, demons, elves, and other mythological creatures. Players can unlock, level up and fuse heroes to create new ones, which could pave the way for allowing mighty gods to join your roster of characters. In addition, if your friend has a powerful, rare hero, you can “like” it, which gives you a chance to acquire a version of it for yourself. As this is an idle RPG, you still get to sit back, relax, and watch the game grind, but don’t forget to equip your heroes with powerful equipment. Idle Odyssey gives you the ability to create or join a guild too, grab your friends and create your own guild, trade stamina, and resources and help each other to climb to the top.

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