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Identity V Releases Two New Characters

Two new playable characters have been released into Identity V, the 4 vs. 1 asymmetrical title for mobile. A new hunter and a new survivor are available in the form of the Forward and the SoulWeaver. The Forward is a rugby player that can dash forward and knock hunters into other objects, or away from their allies. The Forward has passives around speed, like vaulting speed being increased by 20%, but this character does have a penalty to decoding Cipher Machines. The SoulWeaver is a giant spider woman and a former circus performer, Violetta, created a mechanical spider for her to join and created a show that people for sure would never forget. It has slows, and can cocoon survivors during a game and will become the ultimate predator in this game of survival.

Sylar Pan, product manager for Identity V was extremely humbled by the player reactions to the game. “We have been truly grateful and humbled by the positive reactions to the game across the globe. On iOS, we are sitting firmly at a 4.8 out of 5 rating. The team here at NetEase wants to thank all of you and we hope you are looking forward to what is coming in the future for the game.”

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