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IDC/Games Announces MOBA/MMORPG Crossover, ‘Champions of Titan’

IDC/Games announced Champions of Titan today, which is a blend of MMORPG and MOBA, where players can enjoy the best of both worlds in an intense/fast-paced world. It features PvE and PVP challenges, with 14 heroes at launch, with more than 20 planned in total. It uses a classic damage/tank/healer scheme, also offering crafting (weaponsmith/armorsmith/jewel craft/fishing) to optimize gear for dungeons/raids. There are more than 500 quests in the game, 20 dungeons, and 4 raids, with 5v5/10v10 squad leagues and 4 open PVP zones. Players in Europe can sign up for the first closed beta test at the link below. Players will pick from two rival factions, the Guardians and Abandon, to take on the other side in PVP battles.

Victor Lamas, IDC/Games CEO said “Champions of Titan is a top MMORPG with an amazing combat system that reminds the most played MOBAs, but at the same time is a full PvE game
with epic challenges and a PvP league. We are proud of bringing it to western markets and add it to our games portfolio”

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