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Hoverloop Releases Major Update

Cronos Interactive and Not A Company released a major update today for their Futuristic Battle Drone Arena game, Hoverloop. This split-screen multiplayer drone combat game now has a ton of new features and is a major step towards the full version, which will release later this year. A new online multiplayer mode will also come in the fall when the game releases. Created using the Unreal Engine, Hoverloop offers a peek into a future where all of the world’s sports have been overtaken by drone competitions.

This update adds enhancements and new content, such as a new combat areana inside a mine, and the new Team Deathmatch mode. Hoverloop also has a new tutorial to help players learn the ropes, and the game also saw an AI upgrade for the PC opponents. A bundle of new drone chassis and customization options round out the list of improvements as well as a slew of UI and feedback refinements that will help players stay in control of the remote-controlled chaos. The full notes can be found below. Though Hoverloop is only playable locally for now, online will arrive in the Fall 2019 launch.

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