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HeroWarz Ramirez Trailer

HeroWarz introduces Ramirez, a “hot-blooded brawler” that makes his debut as a playable character.

Christian Ramirez led everyone to believe that he was just a regular guy that just wanted to go to college, but couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble. You see, he hates bullies, has a penchant for talking trash and absolutely loves to brawl. No matter what he did, he always found himself in a bind. He’s honest… to a fault, but just so damned “hot” tempered. He’s always followed his gut… an uncanny instinct when it comes to knowing when it’s time to throw down or get the hell out of dodge.

So, why does Ramirez have no chill? Where does all the hostility come from? Ramirez is a powerful, in-your-face pyro-kinetic with a few skeletons in the closet. He had a twin brother that he calls Fury. Because Ramirez developed his latent pyrokinetic abilities while in the womb, Fury was killed. To this day, Ramirez harbors a guilt beyond imagination. Fury’s spirit haunts Ramirez; eternally burning.

He joins the Historic Society because Hermes tells him there are plenty of twisted, awful people in this warped reality that would stomp him into submission. Not one to be played down, Ramirez jumps at the opportunity. More aware of Ram’s supernatural premonition than he is, Hermes places him on the investigation team with X. Together, the two spearhead the mysterious crimes division.

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