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Hero Online Gameplay – First Look HD

To Learn More About the Game, Check out our Hero Online Page.

Hero Online is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG published by Netgame. It’s without a doubt one of Netgame’s most popular titles and is set in ancient China. The game has five distinctly different classes and two factions to choose from. The game’s high level cap of 200+ and in intense faction wars ensures that players have a lot of content to explore. Graphically speaking, Hero Online is a bit aged. The graphics are on par with titles like Last Chaos and Martial Heroes. If you already have an account on Cloud Nine or Operation 7, you can use it to log into Hero Online as all three games are published by Netgame.  In the video above I created a dual-wielding ‘Majestic Muse’ character and killed a few Wolf Pups outisde of town while exploring the game’s features. To learn more about Hero Online check out the official MMOHuts Hero Online page, which includes a detailed review, tons of screenshots, and additional videos.

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