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Heavy Metal Machines Revs Up for Season 5 – Rockaway Beach

Heavy Metal Machines is taking the high-octane action to the beach in Season 5 – Rockaway Beach! More than 100 rewards await, as well as new songs to enjoy, an emote mechanic, and of course, a new pilot – Vulture. Vulture is formerly a member of a motorcycle gang/bounty hunting group, that tried to cheat death by transposing himself into a Golem. This way, he can hunt forever. He’s an Interceptor, specialized in causing fatal damage by combining his weapons at the perfect time.

With Season 5 also comes equipable items that let players use emotes to express themselves (and of course, BM the other team) as the matches go on. These can be earned as rewards, and purchased in the in-game store, and alongside these are new songs in-game and on the main menu. Along with all these features, a new Metal League edition is also coming on August 10th. So train alone or with friends and get your engines and weapons ready for another open competitive championship with cash prizes.

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