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Heavy Metal Machines Launches into Heavy Metal Cup Event

Heavy Metal Machines has introduced a special “Heavy Metal Cup” to celebrate a certain event going down in Russia this Summer. The Heavy Metal Cup runs from now until July 17th, where players can get their hands on exclusive in-game content. Event-exclusive skins and items earned/purchased will remain in players’ garages forever.

  • The Bomb – the very heart of every Heavy Metal Machines match – will be reskinned to become a football for the duration of the event.

  • The character Wildfire will receive a new skin, based on the current World Cup logo. To earn this skin, players must team up between the 19th and 26th of June and complete 15 matches in the same group.

  • The character Rampage will receive a skin based on the Russian flag.

  • The character Clunker will receive a skin based on the French flag.

  • The character Stingray will receive a skin based on the Polish flag.

  • The character Windrider will receive a skin based on the Brazilian flag.

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