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Hearthside Chat: Inside The Puzzle Labs

In the latest Hearthside Chat, Missions Designer Giovanni Scarpati and Lead UI Designer Max Ma discuss the solo adventure that comes alongside The Boomsday Project: The Puzzle Labs. Giovanni goes into how each of the four puzzles types were created and gives players insight into the game’s nuances by participating in these studies himself. Max will go over the UI choices that were made to allow smooth access of The Puzzle Labs. A major change to these solo adventures occurs in The Puzzle Labs. Now you don’t lose your progress ever, being free to come back and tackle the content later and jump to a different puzzle if that’s what you want.

Blast your way through the Puzzle Lab’s four unique categories of brain-teasers in any order you wish: 

  • Lethal – In this experiment, players are tasked with neutralizing the opponent in one turn using the cards at their disposal
  • Mirror – These tasks challenge players to create a board state where both sides are perfect mirror images of each other: minion positioning, health, attack, etc. These particularly devious puzzles require one to think outside the box
  • Board Clear – Pretty straightforward: clear the board of all minions, even your own
  • Survival –The Survival trial requires the test subject to restore their own health in order to survive their opponent’s onslaught
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