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Hawken – First Look

Hawken – First Look

If you’re looking for a game that seems to combine Mechwarrior with Counterstrike this is the one! Hawken is a Mech based FPS that puts you right smack into a dystopian environment where searching for resources becomes a fight for survival.You can customize your mech to your fighting style derived from preset mechs to choose from that resemble common FPS classes like infiltrator, assault, or sharpshooter.¬†HAWKEN is not only visually stunning, it has intense and extremely engaging gameplay that is faster than you might think.

There are rumors that the game maybe getting a movie deal from some big time directors, but it maybe just a rumor, see for yourself here:

Wanna play? Head over to the giveaway section where we have Closed Beta keys ripe for the picking! Hawken Closed Beta Key Giveaway

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