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A fun Halloween has already begun in Crossout! From October 19 through November 9, players can take part in the “Witch Hunt” PVP Mode! In addition, an all-new night map Sector EX, and ‘Hazardous Sweets’ can be traded for exclusive seasonal vehicle decor! In ‘Witch Hunt’, players have to attain festive Halloween Pumpalloons and keep them in their possession for as long as possible. All participants are equipped with an identical, unarmed vehicle and can steal the Pumpalloons by ramming the current possessor. Even without conventional weaponry, ‘Witch Hunt’ is anything but peaceful. All vehicles come equipped with six powerful Jet Boosters that provide an explosive burst of speed to ram your opponent when attempting to loosen an opponent’s grip on the precious Pumpalloons. There is no reason to hold back – in this mode, respawns with new vehicles are unlimited. Sector EX is also the first night map added to the game, where an abandoned industrial complex is located in the center of the map, and defenders can take positions on its many floors. Attackers must find their way through a maze of corridors and driveways, and darkness will limit the view. Combat will almost always be up-close and personal thanks to this darkness and tight enclosed areas.

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