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GWENT: The Witcher Card Game – Novigrad Gameplay Overview

GWENT recently showed off a livestream recently that went over the gameplay of the upcoming expansion, Novigrad. Want a peek at the updates on the game? Look no further than this livestream. This second expansion is available now and has a wealth of new archetypes, combos, and playstyles for players to try. Novigrad also has a new faction, known as the Syndicate. Over 90 cards are here, including 15 cross-faction cards, 5 new leader characters, and plenty of new abilities and gameplay mechanics worthy of the free city’s most wanted.

In addition, players who log in before July 17th, 11:59 CEST, will receive a free Novigrad Keg, granting them 5 cards from the new expansion. Also, available starting today for a limited time is a special Arena Mode event letting players draft from the Syndicate cards, as well as an expansion-themed promotional offer — The Underworld Pack — accessible via the in-game shop.

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