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Guild Wars 2 – Whats New?!? Living Worlds Season 3

Guild Wars 2 – Whats New?!? Living Worlds Season 3

Guild Wars 2′s Living World Returns on July 26!

We got a chance to talk with ArenaNet at E3 2016 about new content headed to Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns and that happened to be Season 3 of the Living World plus a little bit about a new fractal and new PvP map headed along with it.

What can I expect this season? (From Guild Wars 2 site post)

Living World Season 3 episodes will release every 2–3 months. We’ll bundle Living World episodes with the kind of content and updates we’ve been adding through our seasonal quarterly releases, but the frequency of releases may increase. Our goal is to deliver quality content on a sustainable cadence, so we can drive the story of Guild Wars 2 and open world gameplay forward while also supporting our other game modes.

But I still haven’t played Season 2!

From now until the release of the first episode, you can pick up Living World Season 2 as a bundle for 40% off through the gem store! And if you don’t want to play through it alone, stay tuned for tomorrow’s streaming schedule—we’ll let you know which of our partners are planning to play through Season 2 so you can follow along.

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