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GSTAR 2012 Hands On Demo – BLESS

GSTAR 2012 Hands On Demo – BLESS

Bless is an ambitious, story-driven fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game, at this year’s G-Star trade show. Built using Unreal Engine 3 in partnership with Epic Games Korea, BLESS boasts the latest in cutting-edge graphics and redefines what online games can look like.

Bless is truly Neowiz’s attempt to push the unreal 3 engine to the absolute limits of online play with photo-realistic graphics, action oriented combat, and an enthralling story-line steeped in lore and combined with phasing technology to allow players to create their own unique story.

In this early first look demo we see various segments of the world, character skills, and skill animations, though note that the majority of the action based combat promised to be included in this game wasn’t ready for demo at GStar

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