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Check out Grimoire,a multiplayer mage FPS with spell casting that puts the player in control of devastating magic. Deep spell mechanics enhance classic FPS gameplay with the tactics and trickery unique to magical battles. Its like Magicka Wizard Wars crossed with Chivalry!

Explore a dark medieval world through three exciting game modes that put a new twist on old favorites. Fight for territory, prestige, and your very survival. Scorch your enemies, vanish into thin air, or turn to stone with dozens of powerful spells at your fingertips!

Developed with the Unreal SDK by indie outfit OmniConnection, Grimoire borrows from DotA 2 and League of Legends to deliver an eye-opening multiplayer FPS experience introducing everything from devastating “ultimate” attacks to customizable classes and specialized class-based passive skills. Grimoire’s magic attacks include targeting opponents with chunks of magma, deadly lightning, ice shards, clusters of stone, and even a massive meteor shower in a flash of light and color rarely seen in first-person shooters.

The game is currently in Prealpha as a project on kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. You can find out more information here:

Kickstarter Page!

Greenlight Page!

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