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Gloria Victis is Currently Available in Humble Bundle

Gloria Victis is currently listed under the “War Gamez” group on Humble Bundle, and there’s never been a better time to pick it up. The vast medieval conflict in an open world, where players master their own skills in a non-target combat system, with huge PVP battles over towns and castles. To celebrate this addition to Humble Bundle, they show off a new gameplay trailer to tease what players can look forward to. A link to the Humble Bundle is below. There have also been quite a few new recent changes to the game. A controller update was rolled out for smoother/more responsive controller support, so battles will feel more skill-based and immersive. That update also added First-Person View.

Next, the territory control formula was improved, with updated individual player rankings. Since this update, the main focus shifted to the player’s activity and their contribution towards their nation in the open world PVP. Even if they are outnumbered by an overwhelming force, players can still gain fame for holding their ground and take their place among the legendary heroes and warlords. The abilities update introduced a host of changes and improvements, such as from now on, skills are grouped into trees where each subsequent ability can be unlocked by investing progress points in the preceding ability. There are also trigger abilities, which activate when certain requirements have been met (i.e. – successfully landing 5 headshots in a certain amount of time). The final recent update was the addition of the Azebian nation, nomadic people inhabiting vast deserts. They united with the Sangmarians and other tribes under the banner of the Sangmar Empire. This is one of three factions available presently.

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