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Gauntlet: Slayer Edition – Bottom Tier Let’s Play!

Ragachak and Colton join forces with JavaChipGamer to challenge the new endless mode added to Gauntlet with Slayer Edition, the Playstation 4 launch of the new version of this cult classic. Note that PC players receive all showcased updates free of charge if you already own the game! For more details, check Ragachak’s thoughts on the upgrades below.

I enjoy Gauntlet, and have since the days of the NES/Arcade editions of the game. However, I was a little let down on the PC version; the more I played it, the more it didn’t seem right. It felt off. It wound up being a little too easy, and the way one accessed the different stages of the game honestly felt bland. Just walking up to a door? That’s not “The Gauntlet.” This was addressed for the story mode of Gauntlet on PS4, when you now receive a screen of stages that goes deeper and deeper into the ground, feeling more like the true Gauntlet. My controller of choice is the PS4 controller, mostly based on that is my primary, non-PC console. However Steam doesn’t really like the PS4 controller for the most part, and having a non-native controller made it frustrating. Nor was it fun on keyboard+mouse. The PS4 version of the game, called the “Slayer” edition is more challenging, both in the Campaign, and the new “Endless” Mode, where up to four players can tackle an appropriately named endless supply of enemies. If you die that’s it, unless your team has a Skull Coin (which can be purchased with gold dropped in the stage, or acquired by killing lots and lots of enemies); Endless mode’s pretty appropriately named, I would say. There were many moments in the stream we at Bottom Tier hosted, where there were enemy generators that we simply could not get to, because they simply spit too many minions out.

Like the PC edition, there are four characters, but there is also the Necromancer (available for purchase on the Playstation Store), which I do not have yet unfortunately. Another important change to Gauntlet is the equipment! Equipment is actually important now, other than the talismans that were available on the PC. Each character has a variety of pieces of equipment that can be purchased. Depending on what you use, it will change the way your character plays, while keeping with the style they already utilize. When I played as the Elf, I purchased a bow that really made clearing rooms a breeze. When I launched my bomb with charged shot, when it detonated, it would release a pulse explosion over a few seconds that kept dealing damage. However, I couldn’t use the bomb again until the cooldown went off, which was longer than normal. Every character has insane new gear, and it would behoove any Gauntlet player to check out the shop as the game progresses. If you think just going in with stock weapons and armor will save the day, I envision many screams of, “Why don’t I have more Skull Coins?!” coming across the PSN. This version of Gauntlet is what we needed right from the outset but honestly the PC version was a pleasant experiment/experience. We had fun playing it originally, but it pales in comparison to what I received for the PS4. PC players rejoice, your Gauntlet experience is now where it should have been all along.

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