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Fortnite’s Season 5 Is Officially Live

Epic Games is glad to announce that the next season of exciting Fortnite content (Season 5) is officially here! Many changes have occurred to the actual Battle Royale map itself, from a Viking ship, ancient statues, and the once Moisty Mire has been afflicted with a drought, changing it to a desert outpost. In addition, the next Battle Pass is here, with 100 tiers, and over 100 rewards to go along with it, and is available for 950 V-Bucks. Within Battle Royale itself, there’s a new vehicle, the “All Terrain Kart” which has room for your whole squad, and a roof that acts as a bounce pad.  There is also the challenge of Rifts. On the “Save the World” side of the game, there’s the “Challenge the Horde” mode, and new Wild-West themed cosmetics for the squad. There is a wealth of updates and fixes to the game, such as shotguns now indicating how many pellets hit (within the reticle), and shotguns spread pattern is no longer a random variation. Heavy Shotguns now fire 10 pellets instead of 5, though the Maximum damage has not changed. To view the full patch notes, please click the link below.

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