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Forged Fantasy Is Now Available from Hothead Games

Hothead Games, makers Hero Hunters, are proud to announce their latest game, Forged Fantasy is live on mobile. A fantasy action RPG, it invites players to explore fantastic worlds and team up to battle the Darkness that threatens the realm of Teraventa. Forged Fantasy leverages Hothead’s industry-leading expertise in the action genre to offer a whole new twist on traditional Fantasy RPG games. The game combines traditional RPG hero collecting and upgrading with frontline, mid-line and support strategies during battle. A unique third-person camera puts players right in the action, allowing them to control every sword swing and arrow fired in real-time.

In Forged Fantasy, the world of Teraventa has been torn apart in the wake of The Split, a man-made magical catastrophe. Now, the remaining inhabitants have to choose to either rise to the task of rebuilding and defending, or take advantage of the chaos and watch the world burn. In exciting co-op battles or single player campaign missions, players must eliminate waves of enemies by strategically using a team of five heroes and their combined skills.

Forged Fantasy sets itself apart from other mobile games with features including:

  • Collect fantastic Heroes. Assemble dozens of unique heroes to lead into battle including ranged bowmasters, gigantic monsters, knights, mages and creatures of the underworld.
  • Exciting gameplay. Switch from Hero to Hero in real-time during battle, with ranged and melee combat.
  • Tons of modes. Play through the single-player campaign missions, play against friends in PVP mode, or join them in Boss Raid co-op or Gauntlet modes.
  • Alliances. Join up with other fantasy fanatics to share resources, find co-op teammates and climb the global leaderboards.
  • Events. Participate in a jam-packed daily, weekly and seasonal events including Alliance Blitz, Elemental Wars and Tournaments!

Forged Fantasy is available on Google Play and iOS stores.

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