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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Reveals Footage and Post-Launch Plans

During the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE stream, Director Naoki Yoshida revealed some important updates concerning the Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers expansion. They also showed off this awesome footage, which features one of the upcoming dungeons. This update also discussed the familiar allies the Warrior of Light will encounter, which can be seen here. Both Crafting and Gathering classes were confirmed to be updated, with Crafting classes having easier requirements to unlock existing recipes, as well as major updates to the crafting UI.

Both sets of classes will receive new actions, and there will be updates to the Gathering Log (including spawn timer information, and the ability to quickly add an alarm to remind of spawning nodes). Gathering classes will also see easing requirements to unlock gathering points. The Glamour Dresser will see an increase to storage capacity, retainers and achievement UI will be updated, as well as many other system-related updates.  Two new worlds were also announced – SPriggan (Chaos), and Twintania (Light). If you’re curious about the post-release patch schedule, we have some information on that as well. If you want to watch the whole Letter from the Producer LIVE, it’s in the link below.

Post-Release Patch Schedule:

  • July 16, 2019: Patch 5.01 – Launch of the normal difficulty high-level raid, Eden.

  • July 30, 2019: Patch 5.05 – Launch of the savage difficulty Eden raid and the new treasure hunt dungeon, Lyhe Ghiahl; release of the Allagan tomestone of Phantasmagoria currency.

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