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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Launches Their Biggest Update to Date

Square Enix have launched the biggest update yet to Final Fantasy Record Keeper, since the game’s initial debut. Record Dungeon is a new feature that’s available to players, letting them relive some of the most classic Final Fantasy scenes and dungeons, recreated in the signature Final Fantasy Record Keeper style. Players will be restoring the records of the great tales depicted in the Corrupted Paintings, where you’ll follow the tales of those heroes, to unlock even more dungeons and paths. Each Record Dungeon is divided into chapters, with each chapter taking place on a different island, traveled to aboard a Final Fantasy Airship. These dungeons can only be attempted with certain heroes, and the abilities and equipment earned in other dungeons can’t be allowed to compromise these powerful records, so their use is strictly forbidden. However, Tyro and Elarra earn special experience points within the Corrupted Paintings, enabling them to grow stronger, and providing the key to victory. To celebrate this update, Producer Ichiro Hazama (Square Enix) and Development Producer Yu Sasaki (DeNA) discuss the Record Dungeons, preview upcoming in-game events as well as answer some fan questions in their latest FFRK Producer Letter Video.

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