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Fantasy War Tactics R Launches New Update Today

VALOFE announced that their mobile title, Fantasy War Tactics R has a new update that launches today. A new map comes with this update, Geumhwa Palace, and a mighty battle will take place. A battle to overthrow Ria, and a race against time to save Sibyl Ara from the Crimson Templars is what awaits in this new map. But will the HIgh Humans return to their old home? Will the heroes stop the High Humans from entering their world and destroying it? Find out! Another part of this update is the release of a new Staller Hero, Baeksa. Baeksa amplifies the damage of their allies, in particular, Heuksa. A versatile hero, they will be useful in PVP due to their sleep effect and mana burn ability.

Baeksa’s skills:
• Temptation of Relax: Baeksa casts a vicious curse attacking enemies in range at 105%
Attack and decrease defense by 2,300. This skill also creates a 40% chance of putting enemies
to Sleep for 2 turns.

Call of Longing Sleep: Baeksa casts a spell at enemies for 1 turn with 140% Attack with a
55% chance of them unable to move for 1 turn. If enemies are sleeping, it creates a 36% Attack
DoT for 2 turns.
• Despair of Powerless: A curse of Baeksa affects deeper to enemies with an attack of 142%
while burning their mana by 45. Enemies are also Weakened within his range making them
susceptible to 18% more damage for 2 turns. If the enemies are inflicted by DoT, they are
Disarmed for 2 turns.
• Coercion eyes: A predator spreads powerful energy decreasing all enemies defense within 2
tiles by 11.5%. If there are 1 or more enemies within 2 tiles at the beginning of a turn, increase
Max HP by 11% for 1 turn. (up to 90%)
• Eternal Nightmare: A curse directed to the enemy’s heart. It ignores enemy Defense by 2,400
and inflicts damage at 265% Attack instilling chaos. If enemies are disarmed, they have a 22%
chance receiving Instant Death.

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