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Evolve Stage 2 (Now Free 2 Play) – First Look

Evolve Stage 2 (Now Free 2 Play) – First Look

Evolve Stage 2 is now live – a major update that overhauls the game with new mechanics, improved balance and performance, and more. What’s more, it’s now free to play!

Evolve: Stage 2 Beta is now FREE on Steam! This is more than just an update; they’ve overhauled almost every system and achieved the goal of converting Evolve into a free game. They’ve added and updated numerous features, fixed tons of bugs, improved stability and performance across the board, and completely redesigned many aspects of the game. This update page highlights some of the latest and greatest features built into Evolve: Stage 2:


4v1 – four hunters vs. one monster – is still core to any Evolve match, but much of the hunter, monster, map and mode design has changed, resulting in a vastly improved experience. In other words, Evolve Stage 2 is a whole new beast! Here’s a quick list of some of the more important changes to the game.


Every week a new set of four Hunters and one Monster will be available to all players for free. Try them out and see who your favorites are. You can use your Silver Keys to purchase any you end up liking! Keep an eye on social media to see when your favorite character is in rotation.


HUNT Mode is the focus of the Evolve Stage 2 experience at launch;

SPECTATOR Mode can be used by streamers and shoutcasters to broadcast matches.

The MOBILE ARENA is now a shared ability that always centers on the Monster, and all four hunter classes have been redesigned to be more easily accessible and have better team synergy even when you’re not playing with friends.

TRAPPER – With the mobile arena a shared ability, all Trapper class hunters now come equipped with a PLANET SCANNER ability that tells the hunters generally which direction the monster is located within the map. Trappers also get a speed boost when activating the ability to help them close the distance and Dome the Monster.

MEDIC – All Hunter classes now have passive health regeneration that automatically heals players when they aren’t taking damage.

SUPPORT – All Support class hunters now have a SHIELD BURST ability that automatically charges the shields of teammates that are close enough to the Support.

ASSAULT – All Assault class hunters now have a DEFENSE MATRIX ability that replaces the personal shield’s invulnerability and instead provides damage reduction to the Assault character.

MONSTER – All Monsters now have more health and start with enough skill points to activate all four abilities at the start of a match. Alongside new found power and speed, the Monsters are back to terrorize Shear.

VISUAL FX and UI have been redesigned to provide a cleaner, more easily understandable experience for players of all skill levels.

MAPS have been redesigned specifically for HUNT using countless hours of gameplay data and player feedback since launch, resulting in maps that create consistently fair fights for Hunters and Monsters.

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