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Evolution 2 Hits iOS and Android from

IT Territory and bring a sequel to Evolution: Battle for Utopia today on iOS and Android: Evolution 2! Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia brings back the explosive thrills and breathtaking story of its predecessor, in this vast sci-fi universe. The game is still set on the hellish planet Utopia, and players control a soldier gifted with psi-energy superpowers: Captain Blake. Blake uses his powers to fight through hordes of cyborgs, mutants, and marauders, to uncover the dark secrets concealed within this fallen paradise.

Evolution 2 is an eclectic hybrid of top-down shooter, action RPG, and strategic gameplay. Featuring a tactical and intuitive combat system, players will tackle dangerous missions, monstrous bosses, and powerful enemies in action-packed real-time battles. The extensive story campaign can be explored solo, or with other players in Co-Op. There are also online multiplayer battles and leaderboards, for the more competitive minded. There are up to 30 weapons that can be unlocked, from sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, and machine guns. Players can also build and upgrade a base, and customize Captain Blake with 9 unique armor sets. Plus, what would a shooter be without rocket launchers and grenades? They have you covered there too.

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