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EverQuest: Torment of Velious Trailer

The original EverQuest welcomes a new expansion, Torment of Velious.

The lands and denizens of the continent of Velious are suffering. The icy landscape has come to life and is flowing oddly upward toward the sky. This restless ice is infecting and animating the inhabitants it touches, turning them into zombie-like beings with a strange icy infection that appears alive in its own way – moving and shifting over their bodies. What has caused this strange turn? And what could it mean? All adventurers are called upon to unravel the chilling mysteries that are the Torment of Velious.

Key features include:

  •  New zones:
    • Crystal Caverns
    • Eastern Wastes
    • Great Divide
    • Kael Drakkel
    • Tower of Frozen Shadow
    • Velketor
  • New raids, quests, and missions
  • New spells and combat abilities for level 111 to 115 characters
  • New AAs for level 111 to 115 characters.
  • New items for level 111 to 115 characters
  • New crafting recipes for all crafting skills
  • Increased the maximum level cap to 115
  • Increased the abilities of level 111 to 115 mercenaries
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