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Era of Legends Announces March 2019 Mobile Release

101XP announced that their upcoming mobile MMORPG, Era of Legends launches on mobile devices in March of 2019. Interested parties can sign up at the link below to gain a bag of valuable items once the game launches (Gems, Fortress Renewal Scroll, Treasure Map), as well as an exclusive title (+2% Base XP and Base Attack). Pre-Registered users also receive a unique mount upon launch. Era of Legends released in China by Tencent in August 2018, and became the most successful MMORPG in 2018.

Era of Legends Features:

  • A world waiting to be discovered: The world of Era of Legends is so vast that you could spend hours just exploring it from a griffon’s eye view! It’s the perfect place to roam alone or with friends, discovering unique locations, unraveling mysteries, and searching for hidden treasure. Tell your own story!
  • Varied battles and tactical flexibility: There are eight character classes in EoL, all with their own unique specializations. You’ll find a host of various magic beasts to assist you with offense, defense, and support. But it’s when you combine magic beasts and character classes that the true potential of your hero is unlocked! You’ll have thousands of options for every situation, no matter how much trouble you might get yourself into. You’ll always have an effective tactic available, whether you’re capturing a flag or hunting a hard-to-kill monster.
  • A collector’s dream: Era of Legends offers mounts, magic beasts, character skins – just about everything you’d ever wanted to collect.
  • The best features of the MMORPG genre, all in one game: Clans, dungeons, festivals, server stories, amazing events, exciting quests, fun virtual stories that can even lead to real-life friendships – Era of Legends has everything players could want.
  • Amazing design and graphics: Soar across the world on your mount, or stop and investigate a suspicious meadow. There are so many interesting things to discover! Unusual architecture, unforgettable locations, and secluded spots where an attentive observer can find plenty of curious details – in Era of Legends, you can find a new story anywhere – even in a bush
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