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EQ Next + Landmark SOE Live Class and Combat Reveal

Not caught up on the amazingness that is EverQuest Next? Check out my Lets Talk giving you at least 4 reasons to get pumped! Then catch the video below for all the latest and greatest revealed at this past weekend’s SOE Live convention in Vegas as well as an interview with the devs to get all our questions answered.


One of the most well attended keynotes of SOE Live, EverQuest Next did not disappoint. Updates include:

DEVELOPMENT UPDATE: SOE showcased how Landmark and the community are fueling the development of EverQuest Next by providing

feedback to the tools (building, AI, etc.), building environments and more.

NEW PLAYER RACE: Dark Elf (Teir’Dal) joins human and Kerran as three (of many) player races in-game.

FIRST THREE CLASSES REVEALED: Cleric, Elementalist and Tempest

UPDATE ON COMBAT: SOE provided a new glimpse of combat, showing off the power of Cleric, Elementalist and Tempest classes in

combat paired with the destructibility of the environment.

You can watch the EQN keynote here:


Having tested the building tools, SOE is adding an entirely new element to Landmark: death. On August 27th, Landmark will no

longer be a safe building world:

PvP COMBAT: introducing death, weapons, armor, players can now battle each other in Landmark (if they choose). Adding a new

element for claim development in Landmark, SOE released the first game master items (game rule objects) to create unique PvP

combat maps (deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture and hold, etc).

LANDMINES: the first set of hazardous objects added to Landmark, players can also booby trap their PvP claims.

INTERACTIVE OBJECTS: players can now build moving worlds using teleporters, flingers, moving platforms and more.

MONSTERS: explorers will need to watch their steps, as monsters will be added to Landmark in September.

NEXT UP: upcoming features to Landmark include AI Editing System (later this year) and more Game Mastering Skills.

For more information, you can watch the Landmark keynote here:

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